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My Operation is focused on breeding purebred Berkshires and crossbreds, with a handful of purebred Hampshires and Yorkshires.  I expect the purebreds to compete nationally and also breed on and be able to function in a purebred or commercial operation.  I utilize our Top AI Sires that are 2nd to None!  Let BTC Genetics help take you to the next level!

I also run a cowherd that consist mostly of purebred angus with a handful of commercials bred for club calves.  The angus cattle have been aggresively bred and selected for superior phenotype.  They are heavy muscled,  easy  fleshing  cattle, with exceptional calving - ease and big EPD's.  My angus cows also offer outstanding carcass and performance data with excellent udders and dispositions.  These cattle will suit the most discrimanating eye and will work for purebred or commercial herds.  I will continue to use the Top AI sires and utilize embryo transfer on my top cows.

Since Sept. 12th, 2001 I have had 47 National Champions or Reserves at the 4 National Berk Shows - STC, NBS, WTC, and WPX. Plus Numerous Breed Champion Barrows & Gilts at the Junior Shows.

  • A leading Berkshire program focused on Meat Quality and so much more!
  • Many sires bred and owned here have scored well on National tests.
  • Many Market hogs bred here have topped Carcass and Meat Quality tests across the country.
  • Volume of Breeding stock available.

BTC Berkshires - The Best Dual Purpose Berkshire Program

  • Top Breeder in the Berkshire Association in transfers and sales of purebred breeding stock.
  • Awarded Premier Breeder with the Berkshire Association many years in a row.
  • Proven Meat Quality, sow productivity, growth and performance, and winning Champion Berkshires at the same time.
  • Sow productivity for the fall '17 farrowing  9.57 pigs born live average in 93 litters of Berkshires.
  • #1 pH Meat Quality Truckload at the 2017 NBS sired by BTC6 Diamond Lad 52-1  the carcass data on the load 
  •  .77 BF   8.63 LEA  Avg wt. 268 lbs.
  • The all time Top IMF gilt ever scanned at an ABA event sired by BTC Timber 30-1  6.08% IMF with .63 BF  8.4 LEA at 325 lbs.
  • The Great Reserve Champion Truckload Overall at NBS in the above picture.  All barrows were sired by BTC Boars Bred here in including the great BTC Timber 30-1, BTC Head of the Class, and Ego Trip that was Sired by BTC Ring of Fire. 
  • You can have it all with BTC Berkshires!   Productivity, Meat Quality, and Major Champions and show ring success. 
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